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Usa, 18 hours per week
Get paid to write for big companies
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Mid-Level Data Analyst. VBA, SQL, Scripting
London, united kingdom, 72 hours per week
Mid-Level Data Analyst, Financial Markets, Advanced Excel, VBA, SQL, £35-40,000 + up to £10k bonus, Central London.
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Receptionist partners assistant
Parson's green , fulham, 20 hours per week
Front of house client interface.
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Urgent Requirement for Full Time Java Tech Lead at IL
Chicago, il, 48 hours per week
Java Tech Lead
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Test Analyst
London, 40 hours per week
Datawarehouse Tester with strong ETL testing knowledge. Involved in project management and documentation activities as well from start of the project till exit criteria.
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latest job sharing partners

D.S. is looking for a Administrator position in or around London.
They would like to work 15 hours per week, but this flexible.
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S.P. is looking for a Marketing Analyst, position in or around London.
They would like to work 28 hours per week, but this flexible.
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M.h. is looking for a PMO/Project Lead/Manager position in or around Leicestershire.
They would like to work 18.5 hours per week, but this flexible.
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N.S. is looking for a Internal Communications, copywriter, proofreader position in or around London or Surrey.
They would like to work 25 hours per week, but this flexible.
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A.L. is looking for a MARKETING / ADMINISTRATOR position in or around London.
They would like to work 20 hours per week, but this flexible.
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Your questions answered... 

What exactly is it?
Job sharing enables two people to share the same full-time job. The roles are interchangeable and require regular communication between the two people sharing the job responsibilities.
Who benefits from job sharing?

Job sharing is ideal for a wide variety of people and particularly appeals to new mums and parents of young children, carers, students and employees who are near retirement age; people who need a balance between their working life and personal circumstances.

What will I earn?
Job sharing is a full-time position shared between two people. It carries a full-time salary, which is split between the two people, pro rata to the number of hours each person works.

How does it work?
The way a job is shared can be discussed between the two individuals concerned, to meet each person’s personal requirements and situation. Some choose to share between mornings and afternoons. Some prefer to work a full week, on an alternate week basis.

Will it limit the sort of jobs I can apply for?
Many full-time jobs are suitable for job sharing and over the last decade job sharing has become an increasingly accepted method of employment. Since most job sharers are women, it can be seen as discrimination, under the Sex Discrimination Act, if an employer does not give due consideration to filling a full-time position under a job sharing arrangement.

What’s the difference between job sharing and part-time?
The job sharing post is a full-time position where the work load is shared between two people. It can help people find employment in the sort of job they want, including professional roles.
Typical part time employment opportunities can be found in the retail and leisure sectors, in shops and hotels, at call centres and shift work in manufacturing industries. You are paid for the hours you do but in contrast to job sharing, you are unlikely to enjoy the pay and benefits of a full time job.
The requirement to work reduced hours is not always permanent. As your children grow up, or your situation changes, job sharing may provide the opportunity for you to return to working full-time hours.   


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